The HIPAA Privacy Rule

What’s the HIPPA privacy rule? Let’s take a look:

When a patient is diagnosed with an illness like hepatitis for instance, there will likely be many concerns about privacy.  Most gastroenterology treatments involve intimate care, and as such, patients will sometimes feel uncomfortable delving into details about their private issues.

Rest assured however, that your gastroenterologist is a professional, who has studied and practiced the same techniques for years. It’s also important to work with a gastroenterologist who makes you feel the most comfortable.

This HIPPA  rule helps to secure patients confidentiality, even when information is stored electronically.

  • Patient information cannot be disclosed without authorization from the patient themselves.
  • When visiting the gastroenterologist office for a procedure, this privacy policy is presented to patients, for signing in agreement.
  • Patients are advised to read the clauses in the agreement, about how information may be used. The disclosure may involve collaborating with physicians who are helping in the overall treatment.
  • Patients will be asked to whom disclosure is allowed, in the event of emergencies and treatments.

The form can be directly downloaded here, to save time when coming for in-office procedures. In addition, insurance forms are available online to save time.

The full HIPPA information is accessible at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


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Patients can be assured that their privacy is of utmost priority, excellence in care is a must, and customer service a 30-year standard.


Patients can expect:


  • Full respect by the lead physician and supporting staff
  • That the staff maintains the dignity of all patients from the start to finish of treatment
  • The HIPPA Act is in full force in all office practices
  • Professional and sympathetic staff who relate to the current condition

For any questions or concerns, patients can feel free to call and discuss these in confidence. If you’re not located in Simi Valley, please visit our other locations at West Hills, Agoura Hills or Camarillo.


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