Agoura Hills Gastroenterology

Get to the bottom of digestive disorders with Gastroenterology Agoura Hills specialists. We provide first diagnosis, second opinions, and the best treatments – all for your best health possible.

Specialty Areas for the Gastroenterologist Agoura Hills include:

· Agoura Hills Colonoscopy

· Agoura Hills Gastroenterology

· Agoura Hills Gastroenterologist

· Agoura Hills Endoscopy

· Agoura Hills Hepatology

Colon cancer is preventable with routine screens that are done in our Colonoscopy Agoura Hills office.  The gastroenterology Agoura Hills branch takes care of endoscopy Agoura Hills procedures, hepatology Agoura Hills screens, and everything in between your digestive health.

The most recent problem-solving and healing treatments are accessible in one location by board-certified GI staff. First, tell us your symptoms and then we’ll go from there.

A recurring heartburn or stomach ache could be a red flag to an underlying problem. But before jumping the guns with an internet diagnosis, let us examine your condition with the proper tests, which will decipher the true cause of your pain.

Meet the Physician

Leaving your health in the care of one set of hands is a huge deal. We plan on healing, managing and improving your quality of life.  Dr. Daneshgar is the lead doctor of our center, and he is board certified with the following organizations:

  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Subspecialty Board of Gastroenterology

To schedule an appointment, call us at 805-371-8400.

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Our Procedures

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