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Get private care from a private practice that understands your needs.  Dr. Daneshgar is a Gastroenterologist Los Angeles physician, who works with your body’s needs to promote the best healing that’s probable, whether it’s a simple issue or complex disease.

Our physicians are interested in helping patients with diseases that affect digestion and liver functioning. These include issues associated with your stomach, intestines, pancreas, colon and supporting organs.

Consultations are provided for:

· Los Angeles Colonoscopy

· Los Angeles Gastroenterology

· Los Angeles Gastroenterologist

· Los Angeles Endoscopy

· Los Angeles Hepatology

Colonoscopy Los Angeles is a colon screening, where our expert staff will advise on best practices before and after the procedure.

The endoscopy Los Angeles is less invasive than a colonoscopy since it examines the intestinal tract with a tiny fiber-optic camera – inserted through the mouth to detect if your GI is functioning optimally.

Additionally, hepatology Los Angeles categorizes care for approximately a third of the city’s population, due to liver diseases or ailments caused by viral hepatitis.

Gastroenterology Los Angeles physician Dr. Daneshgar, is committed to helping all patients leave the practice in better shape than when they entered.

We value comprehensive care as well as excellence in service. Meet the physician ahead of time by visiting the website to learn more about qualifications, experience and professional affiliations.

See what Dr. Daneshgar is doing for the city of Los Angeles residents’ digestive health. Patient-oriented care with expert knowledge is what you can expect with our gastroenterological center.

Call today, at 805-371-8400.

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