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Is your stomach turning into knots? Get peace of mind in screenings, detections, and treatments with a state of the art gastroenterological facility that understands your needs.

Procedures Include:

· Westlake Village Colonoscopy

· Westlake Village Gastroenterology

· Westlake Village Gastroenterologist

· Westlake Village Endoscopy

· Westlake Village Hepatology

Examination of Procedures:

Colonoscopy Westlake Village procedures inspect the intestinal lining to detect diseases such as colorectal cancer. Routine prescreening is recommendable, even if you show no symptoms for the sake of preventative care and early detection. Preparation of the procedures can be viewed in the resources page included here.

Endoscopy Westlake Village screens are as minimally invasive as possible. Just to give a brief highlight – a small, flexible tube with a camera lens is inserted orally to examine the upper GI tract. This procedure will help us to determine whether you need additional treatments if the digestive health is in its proper state. Endoscopies are recommendable for those who have prolonged abdominal pain, nausea or difficulty swallowing.  An initial consultation will help to determine whether or not this procedure is necessary.

Hepatology Westlake Village challenges diseases that affect a third of our population. These include hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic liver diseases, jaundice, bile duct cancers and more.  Our skilled doctors will provide you with the best recommendations for managing and curing your condition.

Gastroenterology Westlake Village combines all the practices of gastroenterology, meaning screens and treatments for diseases that affect the digestive health. Contact a Gastroenterologist Westlake Village representative to schedule consultations or to learn more about our facility at 805-371-8400.

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