Colonoscopy Specialist FAQs

Why would a doctor order a colonoscopy?

A doctor orders a colonoscopy as an investigative measure to determine if any one of a numerous number of issues might be occurring which include: colon cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases, abdominal pains, rectal bleeding, diarrhea and other intestinal issues.

The main takeaway is that a colonoscopy can actually save your life and highly recommended to have regular checkups with a gastroenterologist to determine when you should have your next colonoscopy.

When should I call the doctor after an colonoscopy?

An office like the Office of Dr Sharam Daneshgar, MD will generally follow up with you within 24-48 hours of your colonoscopy to check in. You should however contact your doctor sooner if you are having severe pain, bloating or bleeding after a procedure.

Do doctors put you to sleep for an colonoscopy?

Yes in general a certified anesthesiologist who works with your gastroenterologist will come into the procedure room to administer anesthesia to have you sleep during the procedure. You are asked not to drive to or from the procedure for this reason and always have a ride scheduled from the procedure center. Also you should not drive at all that day.

Is colonoscopy considered surgery?

A colonoscopy is considered a medical procedure which is less invasive than most medical surgeries. They are usually done at a hospital or specialized endoscopic procedure center, such as our very own Oak Tree Surgical Center.

Recent Patient Reviews

Absolutely phenomenal doctor!!! I have visited other gastronomic doctors for throat difficulties but Dr. Daneshgar was better by far. He really made me a priority as a patient and scheduled tests way faster and more efficient than any other doctor. It's too bad yelp has only 5 stars because this doctor deserves 10!!
Dr Daneshgar is a pleasure. I had a colonoscopy with him and really felt nervous but i can't tell you how surpirzingly easy the procedure went. The entire staff is really friendly and the Dr is one of the best medical practicioners I have ever met.. Def recommend him!
Anna S.
From an incredibly kind and caring team that helps you with every concern, question and worry to an incredibly dedicated physician that is as responsive and kind as you can imagine when you are in pain, Dr. Daneshgar has my unconditional respect and admiration as a physician.

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