Fecal incontinence is the inability to control bowel movements, resulting in fecal elimination to leak unexpectedly. Fecal incontinence, also referred to as anal or bowl incontinence, can range from an occasional occurrence, such as a small amount of stool while passing gas, to a complete loss of control of bowel movements. 

In order for one to have complete control in bowel movements, the rectum, anus, and nervous system must function normally. Normal continence, which is the ability to hold stool, also requires you to have the physical and mental capabilities to recognize the need to have a bowel movement and use the restroom. 

Is Fecal Incontinence a Common Condition?

Fecal incontinence is quite common in older people, especially in women. Unsurprisingly, many people choose not to speak about it openly, which may seem like it is not common. However, if you have fecal incontinence, you are not alone. Contact our team to schedule an appointment with a fecal incontinence specialist in Thousand Oaks. Our expert doctor will provide you with effective treatment that can improve and restore bowel control. 

Fecal Incontinence Symptoms

Fecal incontinence includes the following symptoms:

  • Few or frequent accidents
  • Inability to hold gas
  • “Silent” leakage of stool during normal activities or exertion
  • Inability to reach the toilet in time

If you experience the above symptoms, it is essential to reach out to a gastroenterologist in Thousand Oaks. Our team will be able to provide you with the best treatment possible to ensure optimal, lasting results, restoring your bowel control. 

Contact a Fecal Incontinence Specialist in Thousand Oaks

At The Office of Dr. Sharam Daneshgar, MD, we understand that it is not easy for many people to discuss their condition. However, you should never feel embarrassed to talk about anything with your doctor, especially when it comes to your health. Our gastroenterologist in Thousand Oaks is highly experienced and has successfully treated countless patients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our doctor!

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