Obesity and Gastroenterology

Being overweight is directly related to gastroenterology for the following reasons:

  • Added risk of gastroenterological disorders
  • As the liver processes foods, eating too much can over expend normal use
  • The condition can cause cancers, heart diseases and exacerbate ulcers and Crohn’s disease
  • Manifestation into non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Bottom line, obesity affect all parts of the digestive tract including:


  • The Esophagus: including acid reflux disease
  • Cancers of the gall bladder and rectum
  • Colon and liver diseases and cancers

Nowadays there are many treatments for obesity. Weight loss can be achieved with bariatric surgery, where gastroenterologist can advise patients about the pros and cons of the procedure. More tried and true methods like diet and exercise help with long term gastrointestinal and overall health. A gastroenterologist can examine the body mass index statistics and advise on ways to:Control the appetite

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Discuss safe new procedures

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