When speaking of precautionary measures for diseases that affect the digestive tract, this varies based on the specific disease being discussed. However, as a general rule of thumb, patients can exercise preventative methods like:

  • Eating a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Getting regular screenings with a gastroenterologist
  • Exercising three or more times per week
  • Practicing hygienic practices to prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Identifying and avoiding foods that may cause excessive gas, such as dairy, gum, broccoli or beans
  • Avoiding excessive use of pain killers, if possible
  • Limiting smoking and alcohol use
  • Eating a fiber-rich diet to avoid pressure on the pancreas
  • Avoid straining or lifting heavy objects

A full series of advice and tips for digestive health can be viewed here, from the American College of Gastroenterology. Hepatitis can be prevented by practicing safe sex, avoiding excessive alcohol use, and tattooing procedures.If you have concerns about certain diseases, speak with your family doctor or gastroenterologist. When it comes to preventing gastroenterology diseases, the best bet is with the above tips, and also with screenings for early detection of cancers and other conditions that may affect the liver, intestines, gall bladder, pancreas or esophagus.Make contact with a doctor is you have frequent symptoms of stomach cramps and pain, vomiting, blood excretion, frequent heartburn, or unintentional weight loss. These may be warning signs that there are undetected and untreated gastroenterology diseases in the body.Many gastroenterology diseases can be successfully treated with antibiotics or without surgery, depending on the stage of the illness. A gastroenterologist will have to do a full examination to discuss with patients the best options for treatment and recovery, no matter how mild or severe.In severe cases, patients may be referred to surgery for conditions like pancreatic cancer, chronic gall bladder disease, and others, in which case, many patients have been successfully treated.We service customers from Agoura Hills for gastroenterology at 2220 Lynn Rd #202, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Consultations can be arranged by scheduling an appointment. Call us at 805-371-8400.

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