If you’re having irregular bowel movements and frequent constipation, your doctor will recommend visiting a gastroenterologist depending on the severity of symptoms.Here’s why you can’t live without the colon:

  • It is the main part of the digestive system
  • It helps to remove water and matters that are indigestible from the body
  • It helps to excrete sodium

Here are a few tips for good colon health:

  • Eat large amounts of fiber, especially fruits and vegetables
  • Drink the recommended dosage of water daily
  • Reduce stress levels, which also affect the digestive system
  • When an urge is felt, go, rather than holding it in
  • Eat a well-balanced diet that covers all nutrients and food groups
  • Exercise regularly to promote regular bowel movements
  • Stock up on vitamins, especially vitamins A and D

These actions will not only prevent constipation, they also keep the digestive system clean and healthy.A healthy colon moreover serves as a preventative measure for colon cancer and other serious diseases. For those who are inclined to perform a colon cleanse, it is best to speak with a certified gastroenterologist to prevent unnecessary damage to the colon or intestinal tract.

Colonoscopy Procedures

A colonoscopy is recommended at least once every ten years on seniors, or those who have a family history with colon-related diseases. Most gastroenterologists recommend testing early and adding to the checklist of routine exams made every few years for tests like breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other ailments that are most prevalent as we get older. This is because colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer in the United States.A colonoscopy is useful for determining whether an individual has any abnormalities in the colon or intestinal tract. Colonoscopy patients are usually given an anesthetic despite the minimal invasiveness of the equipment. This is to deter discomfort or possible pain, however minimal. If you’re planning an upcoming colonoscopy, stay tuned for before and after care steps on our blog, plus more ways to protect colon health.

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